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A Simple Effective Formula for Painting Acrylic Detail

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

This formula works great if you paint complex things such as wildlife, landscapes, pet portraits, and I've even painted people using this technique...

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On the Easel-Sleepy Coyote

If you're struggling to execute detail, figure out proportion or pin point that "one thing" that's off with your painting, my "A2D" Attention 2 Detail Formula will help you...

  • Find the correct proportion
  • See shapes and forms for what they really are
  • Better understand colour and value
  • Master hidden details
  • Take the "stress" out complex paintings

"First Date" SOLD

"Best Friends" SOLD

"Owl of the North" Available at Mountainside Gallery, Terrace B.C. 

The One Brush Painting!
I wanted to see if I could create a whole painting using ONE single brush. I did, and I even signed my name with it!
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